Saturday, November 12, 2016

Live for the moments | Spend it on yourself


Oftentimes we wish the dust would settle sooner, especially when things are looking pretty confusing. Even if it seems like the Trump-et has been blown and all orderliness is at stake, we have to keep calm. Yes, keep calm, vote better next time. LOL! 

But, are we strong enough to laugh at the confusion? Perhaps to laugh at a thing needs no good reason, nor justifications. Laugh it off, they say.

It's the weekend, one more sober November weekend, Alhamdulillah. Let's live for the moments. Spend the moment on yourself. Spend it with love, doing things you love.

When my Quran teacher noticed a sketch of Shaykh Ninowy in my living room, he asked: "Are you a murid of the Shaykh?"
LOL. I wished! But I am just a follower, an admirer.

Here's a quote of the Shaykh whose wisdom consistently awakens a sleepy soul like mine.
"Time is precious. Spend it on yourself, improving and elevating it to get into Paradise, rather than wasting time proving others will go to Hell."
- Shaykh Muhammad An-Ninowy

So c'mon, let's go kaizen, continuously improve ourselves with the tawfiq from Allah, bi iznillah.    

I'll be doing Surah An Naziát in my next Quran lesson InshaAllah.
I did some homework, one lesson therein is about the inevitable day.

"On the day when the first trump resounds. And the second follows it. On that day hearts beat painfully. While eyes are downcast..."    
(Quran 79:6-9)

Yauma tarjufur ra jifah
On the day when the first trump resounds

Yes on that day, we'd be dead worried if we could make it to Paradise, we can't be bothered if this fulan or that fulan will go to Hell.

Wish you a productive and pleasant weekend.
Love forever,

#All Things Fall Into Place
#Ku Harap Kita Kan Selamanya Cinta
#Eternal Love
: D

I think the U.S. has just seen a yauma tarjufur ra jifah kinda day.
May Allah protect us and improve our affairs no matter where we are, all of us especially our friends in the US.

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