Thursday, April 27, 2017

La ilaha illa anta | La


La ilaha illa anta
subhanaka inni kuntu minaz zalimin

We all know this verse very well. We all know it's related to Prophet Yunus. But did you know that this verse is not in Surah Yunus? It's actually in Surah Anbiya'. I came across the ayah last night. So I confessed to my Quran teacher: "Gosh, all this while I thought this popular verse is in Surah Yunus. LOL"

The moral of the story is: Don't assume!
La. No. Don't.

And I also found another very familiar du'a in Surah Mukminun last night.
Rabbi anzilni munzalan mubarakan
wa anta khairul munzilin

You know this one?
Yes? No?
You should, cos you are "holier" than me. LOL.

La, what lies below has nothing to do with the above.


La, don't live in the past 
Live in the present
My dear, you are above a silly poem
So let not our past bother us
Its sound has gone into oblivion

Be in the present honey
for the present is worth more 
than a thousand love stanzas from yesterday
of which the bees no longer care
for the fragrant of the present
is what makes the air sweet as a pear 

And what makes a great pair, ask, they may
it's just two souls
who know they will be pulled
to the place they belong
forever and a day
Beautiful feelings
can't hide for long 
come out it will
like a song

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