Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Seeking mighty support | Selawat taught by Habib Umar bin Hafiz


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

I feel obliged to convey even a single verse and encourage a good deed even if it is small, even if it was already spoken about in 2015.

We have found ourselves in a big predicament, health-wise, and economically too. In the Malaysian context, it started to get worse in mid-March 2020. As you are all aware, I am referring to the Coronavirus pandemic that snowballed from China to the rest of the world. The heartbreaking status, worldwide, as of now, is as shown below:

Two Malaysians have died, and the latest count of confirmed cases is 790 for Malaysia. This number will skyrocket if Malaysians do not observe the restriction of movement as ordered by the authorities. According to the health experts, we have a small window of time to curb the spread of the virus; else, we'll see a spike in the graph just like what happened in Italy, among others. In the next few days, the number could increase to 2000 cases, and from then on it would quickly climb to 4000 cases if we do not make an effort to practice social distancing and restrict our movements. By then, the health-care support would be severely strained!

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Source: National Security Council of Malaysia

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Pic credit: Dr. Noor Hisham
(Malaysia's Director General of Health)

I think it is wise to recite this selawat taught by Habib Umar in 2015.

Allahumma ya nikmal mawla 
wa ya nikmal nasir
salli wa salim 'adada 'ilmika
'ala Sayyidina Muhammad
man ja'altahu lana 
hirzan harizan
wa 'ala alihi wasahbihi
wan surna bihi wal muslimina
bi asrari 
wa yan surakallahu nasran 'aziza

O Allah, O Best of Protectors and Best of Supporters,
bestow prayers and peace to the amount of Your knowledge
upon our Master Muhammad
the one You made for us an impregnable fortress
and upon his family and companions
and by him, support us and all Muslims
through the secrets of
'That Allah may support you with mighty support.'

We are Muslims; thus, we pray in our own unique way, and this is one of the afdhal ways - making selawat and tawassul through the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam.

There are many Muslim doctors, nurses, health-workers around the world who are working around the clock, as there are thousands of infected patients. There are thousands of people whose sustenance has been adversely affected directly or indirectly due to the Movement Control Order issued by the Malaysian Government from 18 to 31st March 2020.

We pray so that Allah will support them and support us with mighty support. Today is Day 1 of the Movement Control Order. During these 14 days, let's busy ourselves with making this selawat. This, I remind myself, first and foremost.

The original posting in 2015 where I mentioned this selawat taught by Habib Umar bin Hafiz:

May we benefit from the lesson, and may we draw strength from the awliya and solehin.

Wa iza mariztu fahuwa yashfin
And when I am ill, it is He who cures me.
Al Quran: As Shu'ara: 26:80

Pic credit:

"Hanya takut kepada Allah. Jangan takut pada penyakit. Tetapi jangan sombong terhadap penyakit. Berwaspada itu wajib. Berubat itu sebahagian daripada iman."
- Habib Novel Alaydrus, Solo, Indonesia, 14 Mac 2020

"Tidak bersalaman itu adalah ikhtiar. Ikhtiar itu adalah sebahagian daripada tawakkal."
- Habib Syech AsSegaf, Solo, Indonesia, 18 Mac 2020

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