Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beautiful Names


Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allahu Akbar! I chanced upon a web gallery of Asmaul Husna posters here oh they took my breath away. Allah Jameel, what more can we say?

His Names are Beautiful. The names of His creations are also beautiful. I just feel like writing the names of the artists through whose hands He has crafted such magnificent arts.

Ahmad Azizpour. Alireza Bakshi. Ali Seylan. Amene Ebrahimi. Amin Akhbari. Amir Hessam Ranjbari. Amir Khojasteh. Anoshirvan Mani. Arghavan Samadian. Arifur Rahman. Arman Khalatbari. Babak Safari. Bahram Hamidi. Banafsheh Amini. Behnam Abdollahvand. Behnam Tarokh. Behnoosh Pourjamshid. Bita Afkhami Goli. Davood Khalili. Ebrahim Arabaygi. Ehssan Hossini. Ehssan Moradi. 

Aren't they beautiful? I am drowned in all this beauty, His Beauty. Subhanallah.

Everyone of us should be proud of the names given to us by our parents. Names are important. It's the best gift a parent could give to a child. Our Names embody His spirit as manifested through a receptacle that defines our individuality, that defines the love and hopes that parents may have upon their own little 'creation', if you like.

Imagine the day when Allah had instructed Prophet Adam a.s. to teach the angels all the names there were in heaven. Imagine if you were given a different name than what you are known for now? Those artists whose lovely names we've listed, they are meant to be known, they are meant to create what they had beautifully crafted for us to savour. Each one of us is here for a purpose and we do what is meant for us to do at each appointed time.

We are His beautiful creations, no doubt.

Your blogger,
Ezatulhada Ismail


  1. Fantastic, beautiful....

  2. Indeed!
    I just can't get enough of them.
    I've been spending loads of time scrutinizing each piece.