Thursday, July 7, 2011

Little trophies in my heart


You said
I made you have a skip in your step,
I'll say,
I've got little trophies in my heart
that's each one of you

You said
you're lonely and I kept you company
The truth is I'm lonely too
And I seek you here
on this small space we share

You thought
I was the one who could offer a prayer
The fact is that I'm the one desperate for your du'a
So we meet somewhere in the middle
like the right and left palm
we clap in mid-air
consoling each other while in despair

When you told me I made you smile
it puts a song in my heart
Alhamdulillah for a pal as sweet as you
Now let me whisper in your ear
little trophies of my heart
Pic credit: Ali Javaher/2009 Asmaul Husna poster winner


  1. pl. could u give me the name of the syeikh from Yemen who gave ijazah ratib al attas last week at baalawi-kl.tq

  2. Salam,
    His name is Habib Muhammad Soleh Al Attas.
    It was his second time giving ijazah Ratib Al Attas. The first time was in Oct 2010.
    Thank you.