Friday, December 23, 2011

Where is your destination?


Where is your destination this holiday season?

I am excited about both my journey and destination. Because in my journey to my destination I have got my favorite nieces and nephews, sister and of course my beloved mother. Oh...let me digress a little and mention my niece because she has been complaining about not getting featured in this blog. So, below is my interview with her.

Name: N. Atikah Binti A. Aziz
Age: I'm 22 btw -_-"
Profession: Kindergarten Principal - a qualified one, if you ask.
Country of residence: Malaysia, but I wish to stay somewhere cold but come to think of it, I can't stand too much coldness or I may just break into pieces, I'm kinda fragile.
Ethnic background: Malay but my aunt [that's me] said that we have got Arabic, Indian, and Indonesian blood. I don't know where she got that idea.
Describe yourself in one line: I'm busy, busy, busy!
A fun fact about yourself: I don't squash bugs, I'd advise them to run away fast before I decide to call for help.
Hobbies: Talking to HRs [family members], and I just developed a skill to communicate with them using brain waves.
Share some of your greatest achievements: Came back via the railway successfully babeyhhh! [she once travelled alone by train with some scary passengers].
What inspire you: Rasulullah s.a.w, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim and ever since I've been to Singapore, I haven't forgotten Habib Noh. And of course HRs - for their oh-so-bright smiles; MakTok [her granny/my mother] - she has great humor especially when it comes to money and Aunty Jaja [that's me] - a fan of Shinzui soap [a Japanese body soap/one of my 'beauty' secrets].
Brief advice to Muslims on achieving great things: When you fall down, pick something while getting back up.
Brief advice to yourself on achieving great things: You know your strength, work with it and everything will be just fine.

She is cool, isn't she? Anyway, our destination this weekend will be Johor & Singapore, and the highlight has got to be Maqam Habib Noh, InshaAllah. But before we make that journey, here's one more time, a lesson from Maulana Syed Mohammad Zauqi Shah (1877-1951).

What is the destination?
There is just one destination for man and that is Allah. The rest, like minor miracles and knowledge through kashf [unveiling] are but child's play. One should be trying to obtain His pleasure all the time, do everything only for Him and keep His remembrance always in the heart. This is the stage of submission (taslim) and resignation (ridha) to His Will. This is the highest stage. Even if He places one in Hell, that too should be welcomed. After all, Hell and Paradise too are relative. The real thing is Zat (Divine Essence). Let all relativities get lost in Zat.

Quoted from: Tarbiatul Ushaq/The Training of Divine Lovers
Publisher credit: AS Noorden


  1. Kak Ezza, do let us know when you're reaching! Will try to meet up this time

  2. Salam Mas Taj,

    InshaAllah : )
    But it's going to be just a short break cos we've got 2 BIG tender just issued and due in the 1st week of Jan, can you believe that?
    So cannot jingle all the way.
    But am praying for happy quality times InshaAllah
    See ya akhi.