Friday, August 10, 2012

Be grateful for your parents | A touching Eid story


A story about Fizi and Ahmad, two orphans who celebrate Eid in their own special way. 

Fizi, a visually impaired boy, decides to accompany Ahmad, his buddy (who has a speech impairment) to go back to the latter's hometown in Segamat. When all other orphans in their hostel have left for the Eid holiday, they make a last minute decision because Ahmad has been missing his mother terribly. And their adventure begins. But as expected, bus tickets are sold-out. Ahmad then comes up with an idea to take the train. They hired a cab to the train station but there's only one ticket left. They later overheard a conversation about a truck driver heading for Segamat, so they sneak onto the grocery truck. When the driver discover these two young passengers, he takes pity and drop them at their destination - a mosque.

They arrive in time for Eid, take a shower and get dressed in the mosque. Ahmad then guides Fizi to his mother's grave, saying: "My mother is your mother too!"

Credit: BERNAS - a key player in the Malaysian rice industry, the sponsor of this Eid advertisement

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