Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Recorder | Quoter | Like-er


In deafening silence we could hear some answers to deep seated questions about life or anything which we have been trying to hide, ignore or sweep under the carpet. When we stay quiet for a little longer than we normally would, we could arrive at some precious conclusions/discoveries/truths.

And that is an attribute of a thinker which is a more positive label for an introvert - referring to "people who are in their heads too much". Got this from a cool article which introverts have been waiting all their life: Eight Things That Aren't True About Introverts

I have also realized that by right this blogger cannot claim to be a writer. This space has plenty of recording of what other good and learned people have said - that's a recorder. It has tonnes of quotations from other smart and sharp people - that's a quoter. 

Hopefully some extrovert smart cookies won't initiate a debate with me on anything especially on religion. Because it's not worth it. On top of being a mere recorder and a quoter, I am not clever enough to tweet, let alone engage in a debate. I can't even write something brilliant and snappy under 140 characters. Go in there and just favorite other people's tweets - that's a like-er. Either that or do a retweet (RT) which is a no brainer.

To prove what has been said, I wish to copy and tweak a bit, a tweet by Steven Snyder and say this - "Everyone is at their own unique stage in the servanthood continuum and in their mastery of the art of self-purification." 

We are indeed at our own unique stage of whatever vocation we are in or care about, so have mercy and respect variety.

Steven Snyder's original tweet:
"Everyone is at their own unique stage in the leadership continuum and in their mastery of the art of struggle."
Snyder has just published his first book: Leadership and the Art of Struggle

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  1. To me an introvert (I am one) is someone who suffers from written diarrhea and verbal constipation. Sorry… this is my lame attempt at a joke.

    But seriously though, It does not matter what you want to call yourself – Recorder, Quoter, or Like-er. To me you are a writer. The huge number of followers to your blog is a testimony to that. To be able to write what learned people have said in an interesting way is a gift and talent that not many have.

    Thank you for distributing the message of these learned people to a wider audience through your writing. May Allah reward you and May you continue to do what you do. InshaAllah