Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gotta see more ~ Gotta keep moving


In order to see more, we gotta move that butt, it's as simple as that. And they say

Another man we saw cycling joyfully in Melaka, Malaysia
Pic credit: H.E

We gotta move faster and do more while we are young and healthy, before we reach the 'sunset' phase. Below sunset was captured by yours truly in Melaka, Malaysia. Look who's having a conference.

Conference of the birds

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for good health, for having the abilities to move about and see His creations.

I was inspired to see so many young talents today. Met a brother who had just graduated from a uni in Japan. He studied electronics engineering but he's more passionate about being an entrepreneur. During his student days in Japan, it was hard to get halal burger, so he decided to make his own burger patties and sell 'Burger Malaysia' to fellow Malaysian students. Now that he is back here, his passion for home-made burger is still burning. He re-branded 'Burger Malaysia' to 'Tokyo Burger'. How clever? For the time being he only sells at events/roadshows or special catering. I asked if he'd ever work as an engineer. He was quick to reply: No!

Gotta be brave and be yourself.
FB: TheTokyoBurger
I've never been so proud of the local brands until today. The country has got some really great talents indeed! Now I know why one of my nephews is crazy about 'Tempatan [Local] Fest'.

E endorses Qurratu.
Quality and price as good as H&M methinks

Scarf, shirt and tote bag
all made in Malaysia by young Malaysians!
The totebag is designed by Bloothersfamily
- four uni students who dived into tote biz only two months ago.

Love and support local y'all!
And praise the Lord for another good day.