Thursday, January 21, 2016

Calling out His Beautiful Names


As we daze through the week, let's pause to reflect and call out His Beautiful Names. Got this from a dear friend who got it from Dr Wan Maseri, an author and counselor.

Allahumma Ya Zahir, who make things manifest, capacitate the eyes of our hearts so we see that each and every circumstances that occur in our life, has in fact been arranged by You Ya Baari'; created by You Ya Khaliq so You make Yourself known Ya Ahad Ya Wahid Ya Samad.

Ya Allah Ya Bathin, vanish from my soul that it is the cause that brings about the effect. All causes and effects are verily on account of Your Power Ya Aziz Ya Qawiy Ya Matin.

Ya Allah Ya Quddus Ya Jalil
cleanse our hearts from the feelings of causation, that the creations and the universe can cause an effect, bad or good to us and Your creations.

Ya Allah Ya Shakur, when You bring about the bounties of dunya, bring along to our souls the feeling of gratitude for Your gifts; we deny that the blessings are on account of our capabilities.

Ya Allah Ya Hafiz Ya Muhaimin, when we are overcome with a sad and challenging incident, we plead that You protect us from feeling hopeless of Your protection.

Ya Qadir Ya Muktadir Ya Sabur
fill our hearts with contentment and patience towards You.

Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim Ya Aziz Ya Qawi Ya Matin
should we be given the strength and opportunity to perform acts of obedience and do good deeds, make us feel that it is You who grant the compassion, care and power for us to do good and be obedient. Ya Bathin, erase from our hearts the thoughts that it is due to our own will, ability or that we are great at it.

Ya Baqi Ya Mukmin
make the eyes of our hearts constant at seeing Your power, Your names, Your actions and Your attributes so that in each second, our faith towards You remains pure O Ya Mukmin. And that we are not deceived by the tricks of shayatin who drag us into polytheism, O Ya Allah.

Thanks for sharing Dr. P.
May I be forgiven for any meanings lost in translation.

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