Friday, March 17, 2017

Positive state of mind


I was at a bathroom accessories shop and saw this poster below hanging amidst rows of taps and showers. LOL. According to the sales clerk, many customers couldn't resist snapping a photo of the catchy meaningful quotes. 

Only strong-minded people could block off the noises. It's mind over matter, no matter what.

Happy Friday folks : )

Take the moment you have and make it perfect.
[No matter what you hear.]

An angered and emotional person tried to disrupt my positive state of being today. I told him, as far as I am concerned, I can either be clever or emotional. They don't come together. You are either clever or you are emotional. When a person is emotional, he/she cannot possibly be clever. The opposite of clever is stupid, obviously. LOL. I choose to be clever : )
I don't care if the person near me chooses to be emotional and try to influence my state of mind. Gosh...yet people think women are more emotional than men. LOL.

So let's go back to the Chinese poster I saw at the bathroom accessories shop today:
"Let our state of mind always remain positive, no matter what we hear."

Remember: choose to be clever.
Keep a positive state of mind.
: )

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