Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Lean on Him | Virtue is my honour


"Virtue Mine Honour" [virtue is my honour] is the motto of MacLean's clan - one of the oldest Scottish clan in the Highlands known for their honour, courage, and strength on the battlefields.

Alhamdulillah, it's official - now that I've paid the course fees LOL - I am a student at the Uni of Strathclyde and my batch is named after the MacLean clan. As soon as I learned this, I did some googling and discovered interesting facts about the clan. Of course, I'm proud to be associated with it, hence decided to buy the clan's tartan (no surprise at all LOL).

May Allah capacitate me to live up to the motto, to be brave, upright, respectable, worthy, honest and honourable. We can only lean on Him to have any amount of success.

May Allah help me acquire plenty of useful learning so that I may be useful to myself and others - for the longest time. Ameen.   

I wish to thank all my silent/low-keyed supporters from near and far, you know who you are. Thank you for letting me know albeit quietly that I can always lean on you. May Allah reward you with a high station in the realm of spirits for the high regard you have towards me despite knowing my weaknesses. Ameen. 

Virtue is our honour.

My tartan scarf - the most sentimental purchase for 2018 (yet)
The MacLean of Duart Hunting Tartan is recognized as the oldest tartan in the world.
Ref: http://www.clanmacleanatlantic.org/mac-symbols.html

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