Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ibn Arabi Wednesday Evening Prayer


O my Master, peace be upon You, You are my support. For You it is the same whether I address You inwardly or outwardly, for You hear my call and answer my prayer. You have banished my darkness with Your Light. You have brought my lifeless body to life with Your Spirit. You are my Lord: my hearing, my seeing, my heart are in Your Hand. You have taken possession of all of me. You have conferred eminence upon my lowliness; You have elevated my rank; You have raised high my remembrance.

O my Sovereign Possessor, I call out to You and entreat You, secretly confiding as a broken servant, who knows that You are listening and who firmly believes that You will respond, one who stands at Your door, constrained in utter need, finding no one to put trust in, other than You.

I ask of You, my God, by that Name with which You pour forth good things, bring down blessings and confer increase upon those who are grateful, and with which You bring forth from the darkness, and with which You dismiss people of association and baseness: may You spread over me the garments of Your Lights, striking enemies blind and rendering them powerless. Grant me my portion from You, as a radiance that discloses to me every hidden matter, unveils to me every high mystery and burns up every enticing satan.

O Light of light! O Unveiler of all that is veiled! Unto You are all matters returned. Through You is all evil repelled. O Lord, O Merciful One, O Forgiving One!

Allahumma salli ala Saidina Muhammad wa ala ali Saidina Muhammad.

- Shaykh Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi

# Partial extracts of his Wednesday evening prayer from The Seven Days of the Heart. Publisher credit: Anqa Publishing.

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