Friday, May 28, 2010

Bless the Perfect Full Moon


"O God, bless the Perfect Full Moon!
O God, bless the Light of Darkness!
O God, bless the Key to the Abode of Peace!
O God, bless the the Intercessor of all creation!"

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for the perfect full moon I see from the window of my room - at my new home. Then again our home is but a temporary one. Ultimately, the accomodation that we aim for is one that is in the Prophet's neighborhood. Bi-iznillah.

The perfect full moon I see from my window reminded me of Imam Al-Jazuli's composition on the Guide to Goodness (Dala'il Khayrat), where he has beautifully pleaded...

"O Mercy of God! I am afraid, filled with dread,
O Grace of God! I am ruined, help me!
And I have no good acts with which to meet The Knowing!
Save great love for Thee and my faith!
Be my protection from the evil of life and from
the evil of death and from the burning of my mortal frame!
And fulfill my every need saving me from ruin!
And be my release from the fetters of disobedience!

Salutations of the Eternal, the Master and His Mercy,
As abundant as the leaves in the leafiness of the boughs,
Upon Thee, O Trusty Handhold, O my Support!
The Faithful One and whomever praises him spiritually and fragrantly!
Prophet of Guidance! I lost my state among mankind,
And you are worthy for that which I hope from you
So ask of my Creator relief from my sorrow,
for He is able to free me from grief, away from mankind.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
O God, through our asking for blessings upon him, expand our hearts!
And thereby cease our affairs!
And dispel our anxieties!
And remove our sorrows!
And thereby forgive our sins!
And relieve our debts!
And improve our states!
And thereby fulfill our hopes!
And accept our repentance!
And cleanse our misdeeds!
And thereby help our pleas!
And purify our tongues!
And end our loneliness!
And thereby relieve our separation!
And make it a light in front of us and behind us!
To our right! And to our left!
And above us and beneath us!
And in our lives and in our deaths!
And in our graves and in our gathering
and in our resurrection
and shade for us on the Day of Judgment over our heads!
And weigh down the scales thereby with good actions!
And repeat its blessing on us until we meet with our Prophet Muhammad,
God's blessings and peace be upon him and his family.
We believe.
We are certain.
We are overjoyed.
We are the receivers of good news!
And do not separate us from him until Thou make us enter through his entrance hall
and accomodate us in his noble neighborhood
with those Thou has favored among the Prophets, the truthful ones,
the martyrs and the righteous ones and what a fine company they are!
O God, we have believed in him (s.a.w),
without seeing him,
so make us enjoy,
O God, a vision of him
in the two realms and keep our hearts always in love with him!"
O God, Bless the Perfect Full Moon!
Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad.

FROM the last few paragraphs of Dalail Khayrat
as translated into English by Hassan Rosowsky.
Pic credit: Cajie on

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