Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"The Prophet is Ra'ufun Rahim" - Al-Kubaisi


Habib Ali Zainal Abidin (pic right) was once again entrusted to translate the tausiyah of eminent scholars at big events such as the one held last Saturday at Malaysia's National Mosque. 

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Obaid Al-Kubaisi from Iraq/UAE had spoken in Arabic about Prophet Muhammad's supreme ranking - the exemplar beyond compare.

He said:
Allah granted the Prophet His name and attributes. The Prophet is known as Ahmad, Muhammad, Hadi, and many other great names. One of them is Ra'ufun Rahim. This one special name derives from Allah s.w.t. He had not given His name to any other prophets save Muhammad s.a.w. The Prophet is 'qadamun sidqin'. Qadamun sidqin means one servant who is trusted by a king. Allah will agree with whatever His trusted servant has to say. Prophet Muhammad is a mercy to the ummah indeed. He himself is granted three incomparable mercies:
i. The Prophet receives mercy directly from Allah.
ii. Allah leaves some matters in the Prophet's hand.
iii. Some mercies for the Prophet are specially reserved in the akhira.

The first type of mercy that is direct from Allah for the Prophet is none other than the Qur'an. In it is the often-repeated verse of Al-Fatihah and the ending verses of Al-Baqarah. Archangel Jibril heard the sound of the heaven's door opening. It was the sound of some wonderful angels who have never descended before, saying "O Muhammad, convey this glad tiding to your ummah for they are blessed with two lights. One is Al-Fatihah and the other is the last verses of Al-Baqarah. So know the virtues of these two.

Allah grants His mercy to the Prophet. He made him His qadamun sidqin. Prophet  Muhammad s.a.w is trusted by the Almighty. Allah fulfills his wishes. Ra'ufun Rahim is an attribute of the Prophet. Rahim means merciful. Indeed, the Prophet has vast mercy reserved for his ummah. The Prophet said whoever recites subhanallah wabihamdih subhanallahil azim 100 times a day, he will be forgiven no matter what sins he has committed - because that is what the Prophet wishes, Allah will grant. Whoever takes wudhu and perform two rakaah of solah will enter Jannah; whoever dies and if four people testify that he is a good person, then he will go to Heaven; whoever picks up a thorn from the walkway will also be rewarded - these are some examples of mercy due from the Prophet s.a.w.

I am sure all of you have done at least one of these. So the opportunities are plenty for people to find their way to Jannah. I don't know what to say about people who does not want to grab the opportunity.

The third type of rahmah which Allah has reserved for the Prophet in akhira is shafaah. This one is meant for those who has committed grave sins. But with a few conditions: the person should show some kind of obedience to Allah and Rasul; he must be istijabah that is be quick in doing good; he must also be i'tiba' - follow the Prophet in his worship, and last but not least, he must fully accept that all comes from Him and only Him.

Al-Kubaisi - left and Habib Ali - right
Wallahu a'lam.
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  1. This post is not about this article but a Dua posted Please i need some link for recitation of a Dua to be said before fajr prayer/after sunnah of fajr prayer on December 21 2009

  2. Salam,
    I noted your comment and request. Unfortunately, I do not know of any links on the recitation of that precious du'a.
    It was my first time hearing/learning about such a du'a by the Prophet s.a.w. And then someone commented that he had also heard it from Habib Umar. May Allah guide you to what you are looking for. The only thing I could do is scan the Arabic script and email it to you, which I have promised to do to another brother from UK (I think). I will find time to do it InshaAllah. Please kindly send an email.