Thursday, May 6, 2010

Walking on Angels' wings


Hajjah Naziha Kabbani said in her opening remark at the Naqshbandi Ladies' Zikr in Kuala Lumpur yesterday:

"Thank you for coming. I am nothing. I am embarrassed. I am lower than you. I am like dust in the carpet. When you came here, you were not coming for me. You have come for the sake of Allah s.w.t.  When you came here for this majlis zikr, you were actually walking or driving on the Angels' wings (referring to a hadith). God willing, 10 of your bad deeds will be removed and 10 good deeds will be recorded for you. Be grateful for it, that Allah has blessed us to always be in a gathering such as this. Be grateful that you are ummat of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

When you come to a gathering, do not look for other people's mistakes. Ask for forgiveness for all. Ask that Allah keep us all in love, loving one another dunya wal akhirah. Keep loving the Prophet s.a.w and our shuyukh. Don't let syaitan enter amongst you. There are plenty of fitnah going around. so it's important to cling on to our Shaykh. He is the Qutb. We are nothing. Our amal is nothing.

Be like a butterfly, beautiful and always flying to pretty and fragrant flowers. Do not be like a fly. Do not get close to dirty, unpleasant things. Do not get involved with fitnah and backbiting. May Allah forgive us all."

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