Thursday, February 14, 2013

I love you (fill in the blank)


I love you like a love song, baby.
No? Yes? Heh heh...

Got this idea when I chanced upon some unconventional greeting cards designed for those who celebrate this day, the fourteenth of February. Not that I was shopping for such things. Then, thought of putting together a sort of "counter-greeting" to this occasion which have misled many when we were oh so young and carefree. Hope my Lord will take into account this small reminder I wish to send out to the young ones out there. May the Lord have mercy and pardon us for our grave ignorance in the past.

(Click/tap to enlarge my amateurish postcard)

By the way, if you liked that black fan of mine, you may want to go visit Melaka. I bought four fans - black, red, and two greens. Heh heh...that's just an attempt to change the subject.

But seriously, may God make us love one another for His sake, so we say - I love you for the sake of Allah.

But more importantly, may we love Allah more than our love for ourselves, our families and a cold drink on a hot day like this.

Allahumma inni as'aluka hubbaka
wa hubba man yuhibbuka
wal 'amal lazi yubal lighuni hubbaka
Allahumm aj'al hubbaka 
ahabba ilaiya min nafsi wa ahli
wa minal ma'il baridi

"O Allah, I ask You for Your love
the love of those who love You
and deeds which will cause me to attain Your love
O Allah, make Your love dearer to me
than myself, my family
and the cold water."
Du'a reference:

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