Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to warm a cold heart


Hmm...tonight is one of the nights when inspirations run dry, the heart is feeling somewhat cold and the spirit is lacking zest. It's one of the moments when you just wish you could take a flight first thing tomorrow morning, fly to a city abroad and have some nice hot soup. And walk and walk about. 

Did you know that the late Steve Jobs had a habit of walking? -- purposeful walking to do some serious thinking and make decisions. My first memory of some serious walking was when I was 11. On weekends I had to walk alone for a good 30 minutes (about 2 km) to get to a bus station. Average waiting time for bus no. 12 to arrive was 40 minutes. The bus would take me to my tuition center in Jelutong. I remember being scared of stray dogs. If only I knew about the existence of Maqam Shaykh Omar Basheer along the route, I wouldn't have been so anxious. [It's unbelievable how today this blog has become a kind of reunion sasana - virtual meeting space for his clan, mashaAllah.] Anyway, I remember buses those days had a 'No Spitting' sign, I wondered why. Walking to the bus station became a weekend routine when I was 15, 16 and 17. 

Ahah...the heart is feeling a lil warmer now. I think I know the trick. To warm a cold heart, you need only reminisce. There was a bus station near my tuition center. When I was 16 or 17, I noticed someone who would often sit there, instead of facing the road/bus, he would face my tuition center. This was my secret admirer, my first suitor heh heh. But poor boy, my heart was cold. I had no interest whatsoever. Moreover, my father had said no cos I need to finish school and go to college obviously. He was already working as financial controller at a hotel where my family used to frequent. No, he's not old. Good looking in fact! Anyhow, I had a cold heart, no smile, nothing. If I ever had a chance to say sorry, I would treat him to a bowl of soup. Then we could talk about missed opportunities and what could have been - that I could have been the chicken soup for his soul heh heh. No, make that a clam chowder hah hah. 

Dear readers, thanks for "listening" and for tolerating this kind of posting which has got nothing to do with the language of faith, well maybe language of the heart - yes. 

Tomorrow, this weekend, why don't you go out and warm someone's heart with a cup of coffee if he/she doesn't fancy soup and let's be the chicken soup for some lost/lonely souls. Life is short buddy, go make someone happy : )

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