Monday, January 23, 2017

It can't rain forever | Loan Him a beautiful loan


Of course, my Quran teacher knew it. LOL. That it can't rain forever!

It was raining cats and dogs at 5 pm and my first thought was 'How can he ride a bike in this bad weather' so I took a pic of KL from my office window and sent it to him. Of course, I care about his safety. A couple of weeks ago, a friend alerted to me the sad news about a Quran teacher who died while cycling. It was a hit and run case.

Then my ustaz replied calmly: "I'll see how it goes nearing Maghrib". Sure enough, the rain stopped because it can't rain forever! But most of us often forget this simple fact that it can't rain forever. They say: "Be strong now because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it can't rain forever."

Certainly, we should not make a decision on the assumption that the rain will never stopped, because it will stop bi-iznillah.

My committed ustaz turned up on time and so I had my tajweed lesson. We did Surah Al Maidah and when I was reciting verse no. 12, the ignorant me stopped my recitation midway at the word qard which was wrong! The term qard hassan (a beautiful loan) must be read together. 

The meaning of the verse I was reciting:
"And Allah said: I am with you if you perform prayer and pay alms and believe in My Messengers, honor and assist them, and lend to Allah a beautiful loan. Verily I will remit your sins and admit you to Gardens under which rivers flow."

I thought it's a good mistake to learn from, not just from tajweed point of view. That Allah wants us to loan Him a beautiful loan, not just a loan but a beautiful loan. It must be qard hassan - beautiful loan.

So I learned, there are at least six places in the Quran where the term beautiful loan gets mentioned - in Surah Baqarah, Surah Maidah, Surah Al Hadid - twice, Surah Al Taghabun and Surah Muzammil.

So I learned, in Tafsir Ibn Kathir, a beautiful loan is defined as this:
"Whatever you spend, then Allah will replace it, and on Him will be the reward of whatever you give away in charity. Allah considered giving charity as if it is a loan to Him."

So now, "Who will loan to Allah a beautiful loan so He may multiply it for him many times?" - Surah al Hadid, verse 11.

May Allah make our hands as the hands that give and not just receive all the time. May Allah grant us the capacity to do charitable deeds for His sake and make it easy for us to loan Him a beautiful loan. May Allah make us grateful for the blessings of giving/gifting, because giving is in fact receiving.

To give is to receive!

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