Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Say something | Say something good


I'd almost missed saying something on Tuesday, 17 Jan 2017. Oh...that's a nice date: 17.1.17.
[Writing this on Wed 2.57 a.m. actually. It's a backdated posting shhh! LOL]

I was awakened and remembered I've not said something good for Tuesday. It's not that difficult to say something good. The Prophet pbuh said: "Saying something good is charity." To smile to another person's face is also charity. Charity is easy. 

When I woke up a lil while ago, I saw a message from my ustaz reminding me of our Quran lesson, that is charity too. Reminding people of something good.

We will never know which of our seemingly good actions would be accepted by the Almighty Allah. We'll just have to try, to keep doing something good every day. Saying something good is one of them.

It's an often quoted saying of the Prophet pbuh and there are plenty of freely and readily available posters for this quote, out there. But I crafted the above poster myself so I could earn a bit of extra points LOL. And I thank Allah for letting me find a cute photo to go with it. Cute in my eyes. Must thank Allah for enabling our limbs to do something good. May Allah forgive us for all the wrongs that our limbs have done. Amin Ya Rabb.

Photo credit: Adam Jones

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