Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Make me a flightless bird, I am fine." - Mr Sphenisciformes | Accept your role


It's 11 pm and I am super tired. As far as creativity is concerned...check the photo below borrowed from Brain Pickings - 11 pm's creativity doesn't look promising.

Anyway, how many of us took for granted about Penguin being the only bird that can't fly but can swim. Penguins are just adorable and people accept them for who they are. We don't really care that they "fail" to fly, do we? We don't mock a Penguin for being a bird and yet not able to fly. 

Imagine, how would you react if God were to tell you at the outset of your creation that He is going to make you a bird but you will be the only bird who can't fly? You might have jumped - No way, I am going to look like a fool! But Mr Penguin whose scientific name is Mr Sphenisciformes, accepted his role anyway.
What about us? What is our tolerance level? How much energy do we waste thinking about what people might say about us, about who we are when we are in fact who we are? How many of us spend time wondering what people might say if we do this or that or we don't do this or that? How many of us dare to be different and accept Allah's decree without a sigh?

I think if we're patient enough and acceptable about the Creator's decree, He would reward us. He makes penguins so cute that people ignore their so called "flaw". Likewise, I think we are going to look cool when we are comfortable in our skin and accept Allah's decree gladly.

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