Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Habib Noh, may I be welcomed.


O Habib
I am coming as a beggar for barakah
I am coming as one engulfed by ignorance and sins
I am coming in honor of your piety
the one
who was regular in tahajud
one who often secluded with his Lord
one who cared for the poor
one who loved the children
one who was generous in sadaqah

May you welcome this lost soul
May you engrave some words of advice
in her hopeless heart, plant courage
console her restlessness
grant her strength to stick to righteousness
help her escape from evil, unscathed
clear her cluttered mind, make her brave
Oh her wish list is endless

O Habib
I have been sending my salams to you
soon by the grace of Allah
I may be present to bow my head
for the first time
to one who was blessed with karamah
one who was istiqamah in his ibadah
one whom Allah honors
one highly respected by those whom I respect
the habaib and ulama
one visited by the Sufis
all who regarded you as holy

May I be welcomed at your sacred ground
May Allah give the strength to climb to your station
One soul who lived a wondrous life then
and beyond his time
O Sayyid
O Habib
Please...may I be welcomed...

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