Sunday, March 6, 2011

Madad Al-Haddad


Imagine if he's here in our times, if there's someone like him, a guide, a learned, a gnostic, a loving father figure, there will be fewer restless souls InshaAllah. We would not have ended at the wrong places ever so often. We would not have fallen so many times, the walk might not have been as lonely or treacherous. It would have been very clear where to head and on whose door to knock. Allahu Allah. But you left us more than 300 years ago.

Madad Al-Haddad! If you were here, we ask for your spiritual secret of blessings and assistance, madad. We can only imagine what it would have been like to pay you a visit, to submit ourselves to you  because we know we would be in the best of hands.

Oh how we envy those who had sat before you, knowing that:
'The madad of the imam carried his disciples on their ascend despite the weakness in their souls. He protected them from their own imperfections, humored them, and maintained his solicitude for them despite their sometimes straying off the path, which led to a setback corresponding in magnitude to their devotion. "Some of our companions may suffer a halt, " he said, "but they mostly end up returning to the straight path." And he also said, "Those whom we come to know, we abandon neither to shame nor to the flame." He strove to correct even relatively minor dismeanors...'

Look at us now Oh Imam Al-Haddad. We have got the ugliest of misdemeanors. We are in such a sorry state. We are so needy of a true guiding light. We are not exactly sure where we are and we need help. Madad Al-Haddad! We know you are with us, what is 300 years of separation, we don't care. We are calling on you, here and now, help us while we wait for Al-Mahdi none other. At least we know we could look back and there you are. And we could look ahead and there he will be - one who will not abandon us, not to shame, not to the flame. Bi-iznillah.

Credit: Fons Vitae 

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