Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fasten your seat belt


Am I properly buckled up for life? I wonder sometimes. By the way, this, surprisingly, is the 930th post for this blog. Feels like I have driven 930 miles. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. Praise be to God regardless of the circumstances, though there were times when I met people through this blog to whom I wanna sing the first line of Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts, - 'No I can't take one more step towards you...' 

But life is like that, it's like driving and oftentimes we get distracted by quite a few things along the way. Imagine what might happen if you didn't have your seat belt fastened? You and I know that the deen is our seat belt. A true believing heart is a safety harness. With God's guidance, you just know when something has gone amiss and you quickly steer onto the right road. My mother is my seat belt. My late father used to be my seat belt. That they, just by being who they are and you knowing you have them, keep you fastened to your seat and drive on. 

Oh surely thanks to my father for teaching me the common prayer for traveling: Subhanallazi sakharalana haza wama kuna lahu mukhrini wa inna ila rabbina lamun qalibun.

I remember one time when I was in my early 20s, during my jahiliyah days, for some reason I had gotten the du'a mixed up with another version so I asked one "pious" man at my office and to my surprise, he didn't know! This was the man whom I knew had been mocking me for my outer appearance. So there, never ever judge people by their clothes. 

Anyway, how apt the meaning of the aforementioned du'a:
"Glory be to the one who has subjugated this [vehicle] for us whereas we were not able to subjugate it on our own. And we will certainly be returning to our Lord."

Yes, because we cannot subjugate our vehicle and we do not know what to expect, therefore, we need to buckle up for life. Let's buckle up with our faith. Let's buckle up with our trusty invisible seat belt - people who want us to be safe and stay safe all the way. Allah blesses them all.


  1. Slms Ezza. I would like to quote a few words from your current post on my bbm. I therefore request your permission. Ma'salaam, Rashaad

  2. Salam dear Rashaad,

    Of course you may! I hereby grant you blanket approval on anything you (or anyone else) may wish to take from this blog : )
    I am just amazed at how polite people are.

  3. salam kak ezza. menarik entry ni. kakak, ain nak tanya...ada tak entry kakak mengenai pertunangan..ain tak jumpa cari..:( . lately ni ain banyak gaduh dgn kwn sbb majlis pertunangan....ain tak kata ain tolak, tapi ain tak berapa suka...hmm...tapi dia ttp nak tunang....akak boleh share pape tak...

  4. Salam Ain,
    Hmmm...maaf saya tak berani cakap bab Fiqh Munakahat. Cuma ada satu entry yang agak berkaitan menurut apa yang saya dengar sendiri daripada Habib Umar bin Hafiz.
    Wallahu 'alam.
    Apa-apa pun saya ucapkan selamat berbahagia : )


  5. Salam Ezza,

    Can you share with us how to wear the turban style hijab with shawl/scarf... like the one Datin Seri always wears also like your profile pic I suppose.. (err.. is that Hana Tajima style??.. pic too small cldn't identify)


  6. Salam dear,

    I'm not sure how to answer this query cos:
    a) I am not entirely sure how Datin Seri or Hana does it.
    b)I am not a good hijab model.
    c) It's not easy to describe it in words.
    But let me try. Basically, what I usually do for my MESSY turban style is:

    1. Put on a small bonnet so that the turban will stay put and won't show your hair if the turban material is thin/lacy.
    2. Take a long rectangle scarf.
    3. Hold both ends of the scarf and place its center part on the back of the head/neck.
    3. Wrap/cross the two ends to the front of your forehead like you would wrap your wet hair with a towel after shower.
    4. Wrap around one more time (if the material is long) and tie a knot at the back of your neck.
    5. Hide the tail ends inside the turban.
    6. Take another long rectangle scarf.
    7. Put it above the head with one end being longer than the other.
    8. Secure a small brooch under chin (optional but recommended if the material is light/thin).
    9. Use the longer piece to wrap around your head, below the chin and end it near the cheek by putting a tiny brooch there but fold in the pin to hide it. If the material is heavy, just wrap once and secure with a long pin somewhere on the head.
    10. You may let the shorter end hang loose or cover the chest area.

    Hope that's not too confusing.
    The shawl in the profile pic is even more complicated to explain here cos it's 2 color-double sided and it's done differently. But I guess there are plenty of videos out there to guide you. InshaAllah.

  7. Thanks Ezza... shall try it once I have courage to show my new look :)

  8. MashaAllah! You'll look gorgeous sister, InshaAllah. Please allow me to get a scarf for you, if you'd be kind enough to leave your mailing address at nursufiah at gmail dot com InshaAllah.
    Thank you.


  9. Subhanallah, you're so kind.. its ok I don't want to trouble you... appreciate your offer anyway... thanks again.... :)