Friday, March 9, 2012

Write right from the heart


I realized on a few occasions that I was not clever enough to tweet. I was being too wordy obviously. I was taken aback when I read for the first time that rather condescending remark: "Your Tweet was over 140 characters. You'll have to be more clever." Yes, that's one of the new benchmarks for cleverness in this modern day. Well, that's fine, if one is not clever enough to tweet, one may try blogging.

Lately, I tried to write from the heart but all I found was silence, writer's block they say. It's a post-vacation symptom perhaps. I had spent the last leg of my holiday visiting my alma mater where I learned quite a bit about essay writing and I remembered one English teacher who just loathed me because my English was so poor compared to my classmates. 

St. George's Girls' School - Penang
I had also visited my true "alma mater" - my father's grave. He was my first school. In fact he was the one who made me learn composition. When I was between the age of 7 to 10, I had written countless letters to my late father. We were living apart from each other at that time. You know when you write to your father whom you missed so much, you write right from the heart. When you write to your father and make some mistakes, he would never say, "you'll have to be more clever!" Subhanallah, as I am typing these words I realize it is love that makes the heart speaks and love has made my heart breaks the silence.

Allahyarham Ismail
Gelugor - Penang

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