Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sacred works | Link to Allah


That's a beautiful and interesting photo captured by my sister who is having a wonderful time in Makkah. Alhamdulillah.

Everyone is in the state of worship including the workers who are busy renovating the sacred space known as Hijir Ismail.

Every action which we regard as work is considered worship as long as the niyyat is linked to Allah. As advised by Shaykh Kamaludin Ahmed in an article on wuqoof qalbi (vigilance of the heart):

"Before performing any action, we should make an intention in our heart. Link every action we do to Allah Almighty. So each and everything in our life whether it is a worldly thing or a religious thing, we should make an intention for it, and link that intention back to Allah. And this will be a test for us that anything we cannot make an intention, anything in our life that we cannot link to Allah - know that it has some level of sin; that thing has some level of forgetfulness; that thing is somehow keeping us away from Allah. Because through the best of our ability, if we cannot link it to Allah, that means that thing is clearly a ghayrullah; that thing is other than Allah, that thing will make us distant from Allah; that thing will distract us from Allah; So each and everything in our life we have to link to Allah. " 

Read the entire article on wuqoof qalbi here.

No doubt, it is a good thing to remember always. It is a good practice - vigilance of the heart which I understood as having a link or trying to keep a link to Allah active most of the time if not at all times, in most of our actions if not all of our actions.

And I thought that photo above is also symbolic because it shows a Line of Sight (LOS) to the Holy Kaabah which is a sacred symbol of our link or connection to Allah. I work in the telecommunications industry so the term LOS is common as we build telecommunication towers that must be carefully and accurately positioned so that all will be linked up onto the network. It is important to have a Line of Sight (LOS) with the other towers which are all connected on one big network, which in turn must have redundancy in case of emergency.

It is a good analogy for having an LOS with Allah. We should always check for our LOS with Allah lest we get lost and get left out from the Divine Providence. Our "tower" will end up being an island tower that is not linked up with the entire divine network and what use is there for an isolated tower? How sad we will be? That's like going to an island and finding a telecoms tower but that tower is not active since it's not connected to the entire telecommunication system, because it has no LOS, hence there is no service coverage! Sad!


Tomorrow we shall observe Mawlid ar-Rasul insyaAllah. How are you all doing in regard to the 10,000-salawat challenge - the salawat recommended by Habib Umar bin Hafiz, for us to recite 10,000 times in this blessed month of Rabiul Awal?

I have done 4,000+ already Alhamdulillah. I think Habib Umar bin Hafiz's words carry a great deal of weight. If it was just an ordinary bloke who asked me to do something that challenging, I might just brush it off. But when Habib Umar teaches a salawat, I stand at attention and I become very receptive somehow. It shows that Habib Umar is a person of great stature who carries legal authority of the Rasulullah salallah alaihi wasalam. I wonder how many salawat Habib Umar himself recite on a daily basis?!


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Allahumma ya Rabba Sayyidina Muhammad
wa ali Sayyidina Muhammad
salli wa salim ála Sayyidina Muhammad 
wa ála ali Sayyidina Muhammad
wa azib huzna qalbi
fid dunya wal akhirah
wa ajri ya Rabbi lutfakal-khafiyya
fi umurina wa umuril muslimin

May Allah remove sadness from our hearts, in this dunya and in akhirah. May Allah keep our hearts connected to Him always and to His Beloved Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam.


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