Friday, December 18, 2015

The joy of giving


Alhamdulillahi hamdan yuwafi 
ni'amahu wa yukafi u mazidah

Am lovinnnng it!
This is what I am up to. Preparing custom-made goody [canvas tote]bags for a group of tholabul ilmi (knowledge seekers) from abroad who will be joining a spiritual retreat (dawra) in Malaysia soon. Insya Allah.

I've commissioned a calligraphy lecturer to design that tholabul ilmi kufi. I've asked a good friend of mine to make Florentine biscuits and I've made a special sticker that says ''Made with Love by my bestie Hanim" : D

Of course the tote bags will be filled up with several more [secret] gifts that would hopefully make our visitors, the knowledge seekers, smile and stay happy throughout their journey in beautiful Malaysia.

Hopefully they would be kind enough to say a prayer for me : D

Florentine biscuits contain all kinds of nuts
plus two sunnah food items:
habbatus sauda and pumpkin seeds.
Stay tune for
Sunah Food Campaign - Video Competition (SFCVC).
On top of getting cash prizes, all six winners will also be given a fig plant
and a special videography course at Saiful Nang Academy,
Insya Allah.

Jumaah Mubarrak!

Wish yáll a fabulous weekend.
Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah.


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