Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Basmalah Wirid for practice - by Shaykh Abdul Aziz


O son, this is a wirid taught by the venerable Shaykh Abdul Aziz. May Allah grant us the tawfik (strength) to put it into practice.
Recite it 786 times daily bi-iznillah.

Allah humma anta laha
walau 'azomat
fafar rij ha 'anni
bi fadhli
O Allah
no matter how grave
the musibah (test) is
lift it from me
with the benefits of

Note: For a group of people replace 'anni with 'anna

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  1. Asslam sister Ezza, thank you for a wonderful blog may Allah swt be kind and reward you accordingly for making such valuable information/knowledge from these illuminaries who gets it from our Sayyidina Rasul, the Angels and directly for Allah swt and keep the Deen and Sunnah alive. ameen.