Monday, December 14, 2009

"All is He." - Habib Yusuf al-Bakhour al-Hassani


The scent of Shaykh al-Habib Yusuf Muhyiddin al-Bakhour al-Hassani lingers. Just saying his name, gives me much joy! And as always, it was breathtaking to see and hear him speak with eloquence and brilliance.
Last night at KL Ba'Alawi, he revealed the crux of tawhid (unity). "All is He," said he.
"We must leave 'ana' (I), our 'self', our I-ness. Leave the feeling that we are the doer, the feeling that 'I am doing something'. If you could mujahadah (strive) to leave this ananiyah, you will achieve pure happiness. We repeatedly declare in our solat 'iyakanaqbudu'. We say 'only You'. That is in fact negating our 'self', negating ana. So choose which one, Him or you. He or I?"
"The reality is that everything originates from Him," said Habib Yusuf.
Imam Abu Hanifa was an abid par excellence. He used to perform Subuh prayers with the wuduk from Isha and yet he admitted: "No matter how true my makrifah of You O Lord, still I am not capable of worshipping You as You ought to be worshipped."
"The condition for a gnostic is that he should feel his acts of devotions inadequate."
"Each one of His attributes is with us. We are a reflection of His iradah. But for adab sake, we say our bad attributes are from ourselves.
The fact remains: kullu min indallah - everything comes from Him!"
O son, need I say more?
May Allah bless Habib Yusuf with more nur than he is already.
And may we continue to benefit from the perfumed spirits of Prophet Muhammad's descendants. Allah blessings be upon His Beloved.
Click here for the first part of my notes on Habib Yusuf's lecture at KL Ba'alawi dated 12 Dec 2009.
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