Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beware of your enemies and run for shelter


There are nine types of shayatin (satan). Their names are:
1. Zalitun
2. Wasinun
3. Laqusun
4. A'wanun
5. Haffafun
6. Murratun
7. Musawwitun
8. Dasimun
9. Wal-hanun

Zalitun are assigned to market places with the task of enticing people into altercations and quarrels there.
Wasinun are assigned with the task of putting people into calamities.
Laqusun are assigned to encourage people to worship false gods (like idols).
A'wanun encourage rulers to do evil deeds.
Haffafun encourage people to get intoxicated (with drugs and alcohol).
Murratun draw people to lottery or games of chances, dance and music etc.
Musawwitun are assigned to propagating rumors.
Dasimun are assigned to create division among the family members who enter their homes without seeking protection from Allah.
Wal-hanun are responsible for creating doubts among worshippers.
- Sayyidina Umar r.a
Al-Munabbihat/The Counsel

O son, our murshid, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim in his recent sohba, kept stressing on the importance of saying this easy yet weighty phrase:
A`uzubillahi min ash-Shaytani‘r-rajeem
I seek refuge in Allah from the outcast Satan.
And that we must keep running to the shelter of:
"And we are saying A`uzubillahi min ash-Shaytani‘r-rajeem. O our Lord! Give us Your heavenly protection through Your most beloved one through Your Divine Presence! Then heavenly announcement coming to people when they are saying A`uzbillahi min ash-Shaytani‘r-rajeem, that we are running to You, O our Lord, from Sadanas (Satan) and its tricks and traps.

There is coming an announcement from heavens, so many announcements coming, but man is not taking any care to keep that wasaya (advice) that our Lord granting us from His heavenly levels to protect His deputies on Earth. That announcement coming and saying Bismillahi‘r-Rahmaani‘r-Rahim. Who is asking a protection from Sadanas and its tricks, trips and traps may use this heavenly sword that granted to you, O Nation of Muhammad s.a.w! Let them say Bismillahi‘r-Rahmaani‘r-Rahim, that protects them. Therefore, everything that we are intending to do, or to make, and we are asking efforts to be granted to ourselves, we must say Bismillahi‘r-Rahmaani‘r-Rahim. When you are saying Bismillahi‘r-Rahmaani‘r-Rahim no any permission for Sadanas (Satan) and its followers to harm you. That is a heavenly shelter for mankind. When they are fearing from anything, they may say Bismillahi‘r-Rahmaani‘r-Rahim then they are going to be protected and sheltered."

- Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, Lefke, Cyprus, Nov 19, 2009

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