Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rumi's wedding night (Sheb-el-arus)


Today, 17th December, 736 years ago, a beautiful soul named Jalaluddin Rumi had passed on to the realm he had been longing for - a realm which only a distinct lover like him knew well. It is a date which many Turkish would remember, it is called sheb-el-arus or "The Wedding Night". It was the night when Rumi's soul joyfully united with his Beloved.
Rumi said:
When on the day of my death,
they will carry my coffin,
Don't think that my heart has remained in this world.
Don't cry over me, don't say: "Tragedy, tragedy!"
You would be falling into the trap of the demon,
that would be a tragedy.
When seeing my corpse, don't exclaim: "Gone, gone!"
The union and the meeting will be mine then.
When you entrust me to the tomb, don't say: "Adieu, adieu!"
For the tomb hides the union in Paradise from us.
You saw the decline; I find the elevation.
For the moon, for the sun, is their setting harmful?
To you it looks like a sunset; in fact, it is a dawn.
Does the tomb look like a prison to you?
It is
the liberation of the soul.
(Mystic Odes, 911 quoted from Eva de Mitray-Meyerovitch book 'Rumi and Sufism')
O Rumi, may you be happy where you are.
May we join you soon
so we may all be merry for eternity!


  1. "Ibrahim Adham awakened from a dream, found an angel, writing in a book of gold the name of those whom love of God has blessed.
    "And is mine there?" he asked. But the angel answered, "Nay." "I pray thee, then," he said, "write me as one who loves his fellow men who love of God ." The angel wrote and vanished. The next night it came again, with a great awakening light, and showed the names whom love of God had blessed. And lo! Ibn Adham's name led all the rest."

  2. MashaAllah, my dear friend, thank you for this lovely sharing. May Allah make you and I among those who love those who love Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w. Thanks for visiting Lisan al-Din and for leaving this sweet comment.