Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blessed new year 1435 Hijri


O Allah, we have erred over and over again. May You forgive us. We are sure to fall again in this new year unless You protect us and help lift us up and turn us to You. Do not give up on us. Do not let Your wrath overcome Your mercy upon us. 

O Allah, help us through each day of this new year. Let each day be a day of renewed iman, refreshed hope and increased certitude in You as the best Planner, the best Disposer of affairs, the best Provider and the best Protector. 

O Allah, may each day be a day which we see and recognize Your Face; a day in which we do not ascribe partners to You; a day in which we are patient with Your tests and grateful for Your gifts; a day in which we become closer to You and know You better; a day in which You accept our good deeds and overlook our shortcomings; a day on which if we were to die, we would die with Your mercy and that You would welcome us with forgiveness in Your reckoning. What good is a day, if it does not lead us to such a good ending. What good is a day? What good is a year if it's just another fleeting year in which we become more distant from You, just as we have become distant from the 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years that have gone by?  

O Allah, we can only seek refuge in You from You. There is no God but You.

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