Sunday, November 24, 2013

Speak like you mean it | Happy Holidays


"Eat like you mean it" is the tagline of one international burger franchise. I thought it's funny that people need to be reminded to really mean what they do, including a no-brainer act like eating. But I suppose it's a good reminder especially for people who might have lost their taste for life or to an extreme, lost their soul, so that they need to be reminded of the meaning of things.

"Mean" is a heavyweight word. It's meant to carry or assign a weight to something. People sometimes ask: "Do you really mean it?" Oftentimes, people either say, "I really mean it" or "I am sorry, I didn't mean it." When people say so, they are actually trying to declare the real truth behind the words uttered or actions taken, which is really unnecessary if everyone means well in words and actions. "Mean" is consequently connected to one's intention or niyyah. I mean what I write, everytime, God willing.

Alhamdulillah Allah gives most of us the capacity to write and speak what we mean and have positive niyyah behind it. That's a great blessing if you care to think about it. That's a great blessing which you would recognize if you had met people who seem to be deprived of such capacity. Simple things like speaking truthfully and having your words as your bond, these are great bounties indeed. Things you would not want to trade off with anything, not some exotic holidays etcetera. 

I noticed an interesting phrase on a burger box of that international fast food franchise - "You're about to be very happy." LOL That's a cool assurance to give to someone. Imagine, if you were to receive an envelope or a gift box that says: "You're about to very happy" and the giver really mean it. How cool is that? By the way, I was really happy I had that delicious burger.

But to be happy, one need not depend on other people's assurance. Or should I say, should not. It's very easy to be happy of one's own accord. You can start enumerating the reasons you are happy.

I am happy to be speaking my mind this moment.
I am happy I am not stuck in a negative circumstances.
I am happy I have a clear conscience.
I am happy thinking about holiday plans. (InshaAllah)
I am happy it's year end.

I know it's not even December yet. But I wish you all happy times ahead. Holiday like you mean it :)


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