Thursday, November 7, 2013

Deeds are dear


Of course no one should believe me if I said it's tough working on top of tall buildings.  My words would sound cheap because it's only based on 'ilm yaqin  and not haqqul yaqin. I may know from reading or observation but I have not experienced it.  But if these guys in this photo below were to make the same statement, people would believe them, because they would be speaking from experience and with conviction. Notwithstanding that that is a cardinal rule, there are people who are capable of pretending/acting. Some people are just gifted liars.

Twenty odd laborers working on level 33.
Click on photo to enlarge so you could see them.
From this book by Jeffrey J. Fox, on page 55, I learned a snazzy acronym "WACADAD" meaning "words are cheap and deeds are dear". How apt. How true.

'How to become CEO' by J.J. Fox

This new year -1435 hijri, may Allah make our tongues straight, may we be a straight talker, may our words be substantiated with deeds, simply because deeds are dear. Walk the talk, they say.

Ahh, I have got 41 more postings to go. Bi-iznillah.  And just hope some conman does not woo me and promise the sun and the moon and then I write a dozen of mushy mushy postings, declare to the world I am taken bla bla bla and then that "half-a-man" disappear and this poor blogger realizes she has been fooled and she has to pull down some of her postings and that would affect her 200-postings yearly target LOL.

You know you are matured when you can talk about and laugh at your own stupidity. LOL.

Wish you all a productive week. If you think your job is tough, think about the risks and the discomforts those laborers have to face to make a living. And be grateful.

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