Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Interview with Malik A. Ruiz, President of the Granada Mosque Foundation | Seville Mosque Fundraising


We had the privilege of listening to Haji Malik Abderrahman Ruiz speak about his experience as the leader of the Granada Muslim community and the Granada Mosque Foundation of Spain. His active involvement with the community began in 1975. By far, the biggest and most significant initiative and achievement for Muslims of South Spain in this modern era, is none other than the Granada Mosque which took 20 over years to complete. The Granada Mosque project began in 1981. After having gone through many hiccups during the initial years, the mosque finally saw the light of day in July 2003 after having received support from Libya, Morocco, Malaysia and the UAE. HRH Shaykh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah of the UAE has been the biggest benefactor since 2001 until the present time.

During the interview, Haji Malik spoke about the important role the Granada Mosque has on the Muslims of South Spain and also non-Muslims who come to the mosque seeking consultations on a myriad of issues. The mosque is not only a place for worship and a center for continuous learning for the growing Muslim population, it has also become an increasingly important cultural center for the Granada community. Located on a vantage point overlooking the iconic Alhambra, the Granada Mosque and its public garden are a popular tourist destination. Due to its open-door policy, many non-Muslim visitors have been able to understand Islam better. Many of whom decided to convert to Islam. The mosque is witness to many reverts accepting Islam on a weekly basis, especially on Fridays.

The Granada Mosque is one of only five mosques in the entire Spain.

Great Mosque of Granada
Mezquita Mayor de Granada

Haji Malik and his entourage are presently in KL to raise funds for a mosque cum cultural center in Seville. He said, it's especially important for Seville to have a mosque because it is a major capital city of South Spain. A province like Seville ought to have a mosque simply because it used to be home to many mosques. Imagine 500 years ago, Al Andalus (Muslim Spain/Islamic Iberia including Portugal) used to have some 500 masajid. When Seville gets one, hopefully in 2016 or perhaps 2015, it will be the 6th mosque for Spain, In sha Allah.

Do watch the interview with Haji Malik A. Ruiz below, courtesy of Al Falah TV.

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