Sunday, March 8, 2015

Farewell MH 370 | Good Night Malaysians


It's been a year since we last heard from MH370. It was on the 8th of March 2014. Their last words were: "Good Night Malaysians". We were told, amid uncertainties, they might have ended in the depths of the Indian Ocean, "buried" deep, equivalent to eight times the height of our pride and joy - the KLCC twin towers.'s almost certain that the sorrows of their loved ones are eight million times deeper.

All things froze
The heart keeps crying
You are no longer around 

You went without any last words 

leaving me alone
counting the days
am left with no more strengths  
overcome by loneliness 

O dear sweetheart

tell me
that this is all 
nothing but a dream

I dread to think O dear

that I have lost you
though it be a moment
missing you
it hurts so deep

I  pray O dear one 

we will meet
at the door 
of the Heavens

The above is a rough of translation of a beautiful Malay song. The original lyrics were written by Iman Imran.  

Duhai kekasih hati
katakanlah padaku
bahawa semua ini
hanya igauan mimpi

Aku tak sanggup kasih
kehilangan dirimu
walau sedetik
rindu mencengkam
terasa pedih

Doaku kasih
kita bersua
di pintu Syurga

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