Saturday, March 28, 2015

City Perspective | Fresh perspective


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,
Hi folks,

I missed coming here. Got no other excuse for my absence, other than being buzzzy. But it's good to keep busy, aye? It's good to be going around and seeing things from a different perspective. I am so used to seeing KLCC twin towers and the KL Tower from my apartment. It was refreshing to see KL Tower from the Twin Towers, for a change. 

Today, I had the opportunity to sit in a class and learn from a media specialist. It was refreshing as he offered a fresh perspective to the subject. Yes, fresh is the theme. Fresh is the way to go. All things stale belong to yesterday.

Soon, I will inshaAllah become a student of another media sifu. Being a student is so much fun. Being a mature student is even more fun as I poke fun at myself, at how slow I am. LOL.

I humbly apologize for this somewhat meaningless rambling. I am supposed to be talking about an upcoming event in Singapore where tireless and kind hearted people are putting together a majlis taalim to raise funds for a mosque which is in need of new furniture. More about that later. 

People everywhere are busy doing good deeds. The class I attended today was held at an academy cum private school for some 150 orphans. The orphans are fully sponsored by a famous photography maestro who has risen to mega success from having had only RM90 in his pocket. Imagine that.

Everyone appreciates inspiring stories. 
In fact, we all thrive on inspirations, don't we?

Happy weekend folks!


I learned this du'a from a saleswoman at an Islamic art gallery yesterday. It's good for preempting bad visitors, she said. Thought I should mention it and keep it here while it's still fresh on my mind. Yes, fresh is the theme.

Surah Nuh: 28
"My Lord, grant pardon to me, and to my parents
and to everyone who enters my home as a believer
and to all the believing men and women
and do not increase the wrongdoers but in ruin."

p/s If only I had discovered this du'a earlier, I could have avoided that rude gatecrasher last year.

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