Saturday, January 7, 2017

Make change happen


Alhamdulillah the Most Caring Lord Allah subhanahu wa taala, kept me safe during my journey. I have been driving long distance quite often, of late and realized something during one of the journeys. That driving alone, quietly for three hours plus, should qualify as suluk (solitude), provided one spends the quiet time doing non-stop zikrullah or salawat or tafakur (contemplation). It was a wonderful feeling Alhamdulillah

I suppose you could have the same experience if you took a bus, provided you don't give in to Whatsapping. May Allah make us take advantage and benefit from free time.

I saw this inspiring quote, thought I re-create it and place it here so I would remember, not that I want to preach.

Like many of you out there, I intend to change for the better this year - change for the better as a person and change certain things/circumstances for the better. It can be tough. It might be easier if we have got people near us who are supportive, cooperative who would cheer on us as we strive to change. Sometimes the road to change can be lonely. When it gets lonely, it's good to re-affirm our niyat (intention) for wanting the change and remind ourselves that Allah is aware of the niyat. That in fact, He has counted the niyat as a good deed bi-iznillah.

Pray Allah grant us the tawfiq to make change happen, that we would focus, focus, focus - that is follow on course until success.

Wish y'all a pleasant and productive weekend. I have got a majlis zikir to attend tonight InShaAllah. It's also a majlis haul commemorating the passing of Shaykh Abdul Kadir Al Jilani. May Allah bless the soul of my late father, it was he who first told me who Shaykh Abdul Kadir Al-Jilani was. I was 15 years old. 

Ah...let's tawassul with a sacred soul such as Shaykh Abdul Kadir Al Jilani, so that Allah takes pity on us and helps us as we struggle to change for the better and make change happen in a way that "better" is ensured.

Amin Ya Rabb.

7th Jan 2017
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