Saturday, December 3, 2016

Causes of joy


Good morning from Penang - Pearl of the Orient.
It's always a joy to write from my crib in Penang.

Was going through my old photo albums and found these precious photos of my first housewarming gathering circa 2001. Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

Our special guests were the girls from Penang's Orphanage Home on Scotland Road. I pledge to have another gathering with them soon InshaAllah.

Just looking at these photos make me happy and because this is my space, I will post anything I like. LOL. Thank God for the blogosphere so we could have our memories immortalized here and need not worry about losing any old photos.

They came in one bus. Looked pretty cramped to me.

I remembered them occupying every corner of the house.
And everyone prayed in my bedroom which doubled as a temporary musolla
and we had ice-creams afterwards. 
Such a sweet memory.
Cheerful countenance.
Innocent unassuming characters,
not conscious of their own beauty and that to me is real beauty.

Majority of them must be in their mid twenties or early 30s now. Let's pray these orphans are doing well in their respective careers and roles in society. Ameen.

Can't wait to show these photos to the new batch of girls, so that they know everything shall pass - periods of loneliness, feelings of hopelessness on account of being dependent or whatever it is that makes them worry about their future, will eventually get replaced with more positive and happier outcomes, bi iznillah. Indeed, with every hardship comes ease.

Pray Allah grants us a discerning and grateful heart so we could continue to spread some joy year in, year out. Ameen.

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