Wednesday, December 23, 2009

True invocation - Shaykh ad-Darqawi


"It is said that by the invocation of God (dhikrullah) a believer attains such peace of soul that the great terror on Resurrection Day cannot sadden him; how then could he be disturbed by whatever trials and misfortunes may befall him in this world? So be constant in the invocation of your Lord, my brother, as we have advised you, and you will see marvels; may God fill us to overflowing with His grace. Now in our view, invocation does not mean that a man is forever repeating Allah, Allah and praying and fasting and then, as soon as misfortune strikes him, runs to right and left looking for remedies and in despair because he cannot find one. For men who have come to know the Truth (may God be well pleased with them), invocation demands that he who calls on God should abide by the laws that are strictly prescribed, the most important of which is that he should pay no attention at any time to what does not concern him. Then, if his Lord makes Himself known to him, or let us say reveals Himself under one of His names whether of majesty or beauty, such a man will recognize Him and not fail to know Him. This is true invocation as practised by those who remember God and not the state of him who is constantly occupied in worshipping God and yet, when his Lord reveals Himself in some form opposed to his wish, entirely fails to recognize Him."
- Shaykh Mulay al-Arabi ad-Darqawi (1743 - 1823 CE)
FROM: Letters of a Sufi Master translated by Titus Burckhardt

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